Our services. We specialize in identifying and maximizing opportunities in the hotel industry.

Why are our services reliable? We are creators of successful and award-winning brands within the hotel industry. Our team has broad experience in the hotel industry, we have developed more than 1,000,000 m2 of projects for the hotel industry, including interior design and equipment and we operate over 17,000 hotel rooms across four countries: Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica.


The core of our strategy is to build a better future through three concepts: environmental conservation, economic value and social well-being. To achieve this we implemented Impacto City, a platform that mirrors our essence, values, and philosophy. Our contributions align with 94% of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.





Our people

We continually invest to improve the well-being of each member at all levels of the organization and empower them, to ensure they can offer the best experience to our guests. Our team is the most important resource for us!

Our team


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